Connecting a NetApp FabricPool to an external S3 target

By | 4. June 2024

As promised in the last article, here are the instructions on how you can connect an external S3 StorageGRID (or other S3) to a local ONTAP system for the storage of cold data. The function behind this is called FabricPool by NetApp. The local RAID, in NetApp speak aggregate, is extended by a “cloud part”.… Read More »

How do I get old and cold data out of my primary storage system?

By | 21. May 2024

Hello everyone, almost every administrator is familiar with the problem that it feels like 90% of all data on their storage system is “just old data and garbage anyway”. It is usually difficult to prove this. NetApp offers in its ONTAP systems the possibility to recognize the cold and old data on storage (block) level.… Read More »

NetApp BlueXP Backup&Recovery to external S3 target

By | 17. May 2024

Hello everyone, today I would like to show you how you can set up NetApp BlueXP Backup&Recovery to back up your on-premises data to an external S3 target such as StorageGRID. Many customers do not have their own NetApp StorageGRID cluster in their company, but still want to back up their data externally. S3 as… Read More »

NetApp Quick Tip #1 "vserver peer delete failed"

By | 18. November 2022

You try to delete a vserver peer (vserver peer delete) and get an error message that the connection is still in use in a SnapMirror relationship (Relationship is in use by SnapMirror in local cluster. Use the “snapmirror list destinations” command to view the relationships.) You are of course in set d mode. Before you… Read More »

Podcast Episode10: What happened so far and what's to come

By | 1. March 2021

Hello at all. Today you hear our anniversary podcast. Have fun listening to or reading transcripts. Transcript Stefan: Servus Andre Andre: Hello Stefan Stefan: And, of course, dear listeners to this special edition. We are celebrating an anniversary. This is the tenth podcast. Let’s leave out the Quick Podcast. Andre: Exactly ten times you had… Read More »

Podcast Episode9: SnapMirrorCloud & RestoreManager

By | 27. January 2021

Hello together, today again a fresh podcast for you. This time Stefan and I talk to Murat Bölükler from ProLion about SnapMirror to S3 and how the Restore Manager can help with this. As a special innovation, we also created a transcript of the podcast this time. Freely following the motto: “If you don’t want… Read More »

Virtual desktop infrastructure and end-user computing made easy

By | 20. January 2021

Hello together, Yesterday, the German Federal Government adopted new decisions on the subject of the home office in the course of the Prime Minister’s Conference. I quote from Spiegel-Online: The withdrawal from the workplace to the home office is to become a central building block in the fight against the Corona pandemic.Companies are therefore obliged… Read More »

Podcast Episode8: What is this HCI that everyone is talking about?

By | 20. January 2021

In Episode 8, Data_Stefan and Der_Schmitz talk about Hyper Converged Infrastructure (HCI). What are the advantages? What do I need this for? DISCLAIMER: This post is our personal observations. We do not speak on behalf of our respective employers. Subject to misinterpretation or misunderstanding.

Podcast Episode7: Office365 why do I need a backup?

By | 20. January 2021

In Episode 7, Data_Stefan and Der_Schmitz talk about Office365 and why you need an extra backup. We’ll introduce NetApp SaaS Backup and Veeam Backup for Office 365. Of course, we also have a “comprehensive” annual review of 2020 included. DISCLAIMER: This post is our personal observations. We do not speak on behalf of our respective… Read More »

Podcast Episode6: What's New in ONTAP 9.8

By | 9. December 2020

In episode 6 of our podcast, @Data_Stefan and I talk about a few new features in #ONTAP 9.8. Special Guest this time is Thorsten Kaisen TPM at NetApp. Whether SnapMirror to S3, FabricPool, AFF A250 or FAS 500f, there is something for everyone. Have fun listening to it.  GreetingsDerSchmitz DISCLAIMER: This post is our personal… Read More »