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NetApp Quick Tip #1 "vserver peer delete failed"

By | 18. November 2022

You try to delete a vserver peer (vserver peer delete) and get an error message that the connection is still in use in a SnapMirror relationship (Relationship is in use by SnapMirror in local cluster. Use the “snapmirror list destinations” command to view the relationships.) You are of course in set d mode. Before you… Read More »

Setting up a fabric pool in ONTAP 9.4

By | 12. July 2018

Hi everyone, today I would like to show you the establishment of a fabric pool in NetApp ´ s ONTAP 9.4. Before we start a couple of introductory words about fabric pools. Fabric pools are aggregates (logical disk groups) that are so to say cloud hybrid. A fabric pool always consists of a local SSD… Read More »