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Connecting a NetApp FabricPool to an external S3 target

By | 4. June 2024

As promised in the last article, here are the instructions on how you can connect an external S3 StorageGRID (or other S3) to a local ONTAP system for the storage of cold data. The function behind this is called FabricPool by NetApp. The local RAID, in NetApp speak aggregate, is extended by a “cloud part”.… Read More »

How do I get old and cold data out of my primary storage system?

By | 21. May 2024

Hello everyone, almost every administrator is familiar with the problem that it feels like 90% of all data on their storage system is “just old data and garbage anyway”. It is usually difficult to prove this. NetApp offers in its ONTAP systems the possibility to recognize the cold and old data on storage (block) level.… Read More »

Cooking with Data: A culinary journey through storage technologies

By | 7. August 2018

As a consultant, I find it sometimes really hard to explain to customers what is the difference between SSD/SAS/SATA/cloud etc. And what this means in particular for their data. I´ll try my best to explain this in this blog. The people who expect a high level technical contribution here, I’m afraid I have to disappoint… Read More »

Setting up a fabric pool in ONTAP 9.4

By | 12. July 2018

Hi everyone, today I would like to show you the establishment of a fabric pool in NetApp ´ s ONTAP 9.4. Before we start a couple of introductory words about fabric pools. Fabric pools are aggregates (logical disk groups) that are so to say cloud hybrid. A fabric pool always consists of a local SSD… Read More »