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NetApp BlueXP Backup&Recovery to external S3 target

By | 17. May 2024

Hello everyone, today I would like to show you how you can set up NetApp BlueXP Backup&Recovery to back up your on-premises data to an external S3 target such as StorageGRID. Many customers do not have their own NetApp StorageGRID cluster in their company, but still want to back up their data externally. S3 as… Read More »

Podcast Episode9: SnapMirrorCloud & RestoreManager

By | 27. January 2021

Hello together, today again a fresh podcast for you. This time Stefan and I talk to Murat Bölükler from ProLion about SnapMirror to S3 and how the Restore Manager can help with this. As a special innovation, we also created a transcript of the podcast this time. Freely following the motto: “If you don’t want… Read More »

Virtual desktop infrastructure and end-user computing made easy

By | 20. January 2021

Hello together, Yesterday, the German Federal Government adopted new decisions on the subject of the home office in the course of the Prime Minister’s Conference. I quote from Spiegel-Online: The withdrawal from the workplace to the home office is to become a central building block in the fight against the Corona pandemic.Companies are therefore obliged… Read More »

Podcast Episode8: What is this HCI that everyone is talking about?

By | 20. January 2021

In Episode 8, Data_Stefan and Der_Schmitz talk about Hyper Converged Infrastructure (HCI). What are the advantages? What do I need this for? DISCLAIMER: This post is our personal observations. We do not speak on behalf of our respective employers. Subject to misinterpretation or misunderstanding.

“OMG Now he is doing a podcast”

By | 4. August 2020

Something new more often! After I have been “delighting” you with blog posts for some years now, I’m now starting a podcast together with @Data_Stefan. “Now it’s time for some ear candy” The content is of course about data center technologies and everything that awaits us so exciting in the cloud. Today Episode 1: Who… Read More »

NetApp INSIGHT: Straight to your screen

By | 17. April 2020

Hello together, next Thursday, April 23, NetApp will kick-off a digital event designed to bring all that you love about INSIGHT right to your home office, kitchen table, or favorite sofa. Registration is free for everyone, so sign up today! As a member of the NetApp A-Team, I had the opportunity to get a peak at… Read More »

Ransomware protection for files with NetApp and CryptoSpike

By | 24. January 2020

Hello together, Again and again, there are reports in the press that companies or authorities are infested with ransomware or are being blackmailed by encryption Trojans. In many cases, however, ransomware attacks remain under lock and key to avoid the company’s image loss. Companies or authorities that rely on a “normal” backup strategy (once in… Read More »

How to add storage capacity to a NetApp ONTAP Select 9.6 cluster

By | 24. June 2019

Hi all, last week I showed you how to install an ONTAP Select Cluster. Today, I want to show you how to add storage capacity to an existing ONTAP Select Cluster. Since NetApp ONTAP Select is Software Defined Storage (SDS), it goes without saying that you must, of course, have somehow installed physical hard drives… Read More »

NetApp presents new entry-level AFF C190.

By | 6. June 2019

NetApp today unveiled its new All Flash FAS C190 short AFF C190. The target group is customers who want to modernize their IT infrastructure with All Flash technology at an affordable price. NetApp states that the system will have the same price per GB as traditional systems with 10K SAS HDDs. However, with the advantage… Read More »

How to add a new Storage Node to a NetApp HCI

By | 24. April 2019

Today, I want to briefly show you how quickly you can add a new Storage Node to a NetApp HCI or Solidfire Cluster. My previous cluster currently has four medium storage nodes and will not provide enough capacity in a few months if further linear growth continues. So I’ll add another medium of storage node… Read More »