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NetApp presents the new AFF A250

By | 21. October 2020

NetApp yesterday introduced its new All-Flash entry-level model, the AFF A250. This is to inherit the previous AFF A220, offering 45% more performance and 33% more storage efficiency. According to NetApp, the AFF A250 is in the same price range as the AFF A220. The AFF A250 comes with ONTAP 9.8. What’s new in the… Read More »

What's new in ONTAP 9.8

By | 20. October 2020

Hi and Hello, it’s NetApp INSIGHT time again (albeit virtual) and thus also the time in which new products and features of NetApp are announced. In this article, I’ll summarize all the new features around the world’s leading storage operating system, ONTAP 9.8. Improvement in the user interface Firmware updates via ActiveIQ System Manager Many… Read More »

NetApp Global File Cache

By | 10. October 2020

Hello everyone Today I would like to introduce you to NetApp’s Global File Cache. The product is quite new in the NetApp universe, but the technology is very proven. The Global File Cache (GFC) was created from NetApp’s acquisition of Talon in early 2020. After GFC was offered exclusively for NetApp’s own cloud offerings such… Read More »

Podcast Episode4: NetApp Cloud Volumes ONTAP. What is that?

By | 22. September 2020

In Episode 4, Data_Stefan and Der_Schmitz talk to Axel Frentzen of NetApp about NetApp’s Cloud Volumes ONTAP (CVO). What is CVO, what are the use cases, and what is the difference to Cloud Volume Services or Azure NetApp Files? Have fun listening. This time all with super voice quality 😉 GreetingsDer Schmitz DISCLAIMER: This post… Read More »

Podcast Episode3: NetApp and Veeam Better Together.

By | 25. August 2020

In episode 3, Data_Stefan and Der_Schmitz talk to Tobias Gregorius, a #VeeamVanguard, about the interaction between NetApp and Veeam. Are snapshots real backups? What do Veeam and NetApp do together? Have fun listening. DISCLAIMER: This post represents our personal observations; we are not speaking on behalf of our respective employers. Subject to misinterpretation or misunderstanding.

A slightly different comparison of SSD and HDD Storage

By | 17. July 2020

Hello, everyone,today I would like to give you an overview of the advantages of All-Flash systems compared to systems with spinning media. I can hear you screaming already: “Oh, no. Not another blog about the advantages of All-Flash systems! Now DerSchmitz is going crazy!” Of course, you know that All-Flash systems are faster than systems… Read More »

NetApp INSIGHT: Straight to your screen

By | 17. April 2020

Hello together, next Thursday, April 23, NetApp will kick-off a digital event designed to bring all that you love about INSIGHT right to your home office, kitchen table, or favorite sofa. Registration is free for everyone, so sign up today! As a member of the NetApp A-Team, I had the opportunity to get a peak at… Read More »

NetApp INSIGHT 2019 Las Vegas News: What´s New in ONTAP 9.7

By | 29. October 2019

Hi and hello, live from NetApp INSIGHT 2019 in Las Vegas. Today, NetApp revealed some interesting information about its new ONTAP 9.7 data management software. User Interface Improvements First of all, a new cleaner UI design. Some of the improvements we could already see in ONTAP 9.6 as a preview. Now it seems to be… Read More »

NetApp INSIGHT 2019 Las Vegas News: Introducing the NetApp AFF A400 Storage System

By | 29. October 2019

Today I am reporting live to you from NetApp INSIGHT 2019 in Las Vegas. As the first announcement shown at INSIGHT, I would like to introduce you to the new NetApp AFF A400 storage system. Yes, I already know what you are thinking now, “Yes, new hardware, more CPU, more SSDs, etc. Boooring!” As with… Read More »