Podcast Episode10: What happened so far and what's to come

By | 1. March 2021

Hello at all. Today you hear our anniversary podcast. Have fun listening to or reading transcripts.

Episode10: Was bisher Geschah und was noch kommt by Data_Stefan & Der_Schmitz

Unser Jubiläumspodcast. Wir blicken zurück auf 6 Monate Podcast und geben einen Ausblick auf die nächsten Themen.


Stefan: Servus Andre

Andre: Hello Stefan

Stefan: And, of course, dear listeners to this special edition. We are celebrating an anniversary. This is the tenth podcast. Let’s leave out the Quick Podcast.

Andre: Exactly ten times you had to endure us, and so slowly, we got a pretty big fanbase. Did you feel like you suddenly approached customers and said, “I’ve heard their podcast?” But that’s interesting!

Stefan: Some of our partners have spoken to me about this, and I would also like to thank our partners, who are listening diligently. But you also had an extraordinary case.

Andre: Yes, it even went so far that some customers wanted a few topics. And at this point, we would also like to invite the dear listeners if you have topics where you want us to talk about it. Write us down, LinkedIn, in the comments here on Soundcloud or anywhere else via Twitter. You know how he reaches us.

Andre: But Stefan, 10 years anniversary, oh 10 years I say. 10 years would be nice.

Andre: Then we would be social media stars and wouldn’t even need to work anymore and earn our money only through chatter.

Stefan: Exactly Andre 10 years. It’s still taking a little while. We are now so 6 months at the start, but we make an effort to get the 10 years full.

Andre: Exactly.

Andre: But Stefan, no anniversary without a good summary. What have we done in the last 6 months?
Stefan: Our first podcast was now the performance round of we mastered accordingly. After that, we had an exciting topic, with NVMe, SSD, or HDD. What are the differences? I think it was very well received. Also, of course, we talked about NetApp and Veeam Better Together, and of course, I liked what I liked. The podcast NetApp Cloud Volumes ONTAP was also with Axel Frentzen.

Stefan: That was one of the highlights. He also went pretty well. So many, many have listened to this podcast.

Andre: Yes, even that we had visitors in it, I think it was quite good. I believe that this also brings a bit of added value to the whole thing if we also bring in outsiders. Otherwise, we both wobble heads all the time to listen. We can tell ourselves what the day is like. But I think it’s always special when we get expertise from outsiders. For example, I find our Covent 19 podcast. He liked it a little off the line. Of course, it has nothing to do with technology, but at the time, we thought it was appropriate. Or what’s new in ONTAP 9.8? Or why do I even need a backup for Office 365? Yes, and then, of course, the wish of a customer. What is this HCI anyway? And can you eat it? Exactly. Yes, the last podcast was SnapMirror to Cloud with ProLion Restore Manager. What can we expect in the future?

Stefan: Yes, if we don’t get too many suggestions from our listeners now. Of course, we also made sure that we also have a few ideas. I am currently being approached quite frequently about NetApp’s Storage Efficiency Guarantee, and of course, this is also worth a podcast to talk about duplication and compression. So that will certainly follow soon.

Andre: I think storage efficiency in general, we could talk about it. There are myths out there until the go no more, and every manufacturer has his own trick storage efficiency guarantee to reduce up to 40 to one data. Yes, of course, that sounds utopian. We’ll take a closer look at this; then we’ll talk about Global File Cash and, among other things, The Spot of NetApp. How do I get all my compute resources that I have in the cloud as efficiently as possible, and can I reduce costs? Exactly. Then it goes on towards the cloud or Cloudy with ObjectStore. Then I think we’ll have to talk about StorageGrid.

Stefan: Definitely brand hot topic. We have more and more Storage Grid projects, especially not only in the ObjectStore area. Many of the partners also use it for backup and archives. Very very exciting topic, and where I’m looking forward to it I have an old LSI colleague with you here at the start, and we talk about E-Series.

Stefan: The topic has been haunting me for a very, very long time, and I am looking forward to it

Andre: We already have an excellent expertise with you because you think you can even create the exam questions for the E-Series certification if I’m not wrong.

Stefan: That’s right. Thank you André. I was present at the Item Development Workshop for E-Series and was allowed to write one or the other question for the new exam. We can look forward to it and I wish you good luck and success in the certification. If you want it and E-Series, you’ve been with me for a very long time. I started with E-Series in my IBM days and at some point it bought NetApp and so I can continue to operate E-Series and continue to implement my projects.

Andre: What Stefan does!

Andre: Next we will have Commvault as our guest. They have an exciting new product Commvault Metallic. Not to be confused with Metallica. In the podcast, I bring the joke. Are you necessarily Metallic or Metallica? Then there are innovations at Veeam. Now version 11 has come out. We’ll get our colleague Tobias Gregorius back as Veeam Vanguard, and I’d say VMware Best Practices in connection with NetApp and NFS, but also block protocols like iSCSI and Fibre Channel can always be used well in everyday life. Yes, that is the future. Dear listeners, even if you have any suggestions about what we should talk about in this podcast, please ask you again to ask you. Come to us, give away wishes and we try to incorporate this as well as possible and as soon as possible into the podcast.

Stefan: So I’m really looking forward to feedback

Andre: In that sense. We say. Thank you very much for listening, be there again next time, when it says Now there’s something on your ears. Servus and look!

Stefan: Thank you for listening and for the hopefully next 10 episodes. We will make an effort and look forward to your feedback. Stays, all healthy and see off soon. Servus!

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