Podcast Episode6: What's New in ONTAP 9.8

By | 9. December 2020

In episode 6 of our podcast, @Data_Stefan and I talk about a few new features in #ONTAP 9.8. Special Guest this time is Thorsten Kaisen TPM at NetApp.

Whether SnapMirror to S3, FabricPool, AFF A250 or FAS 500f, there is something for everyone. Have fun listening to it. 

Episode6: Was gibt es neues in ONTAP 9.8 by Data_Stefan & Der_Schmitz

In Episode 6 sprechen Data_Stefan und Der_Schmitz mit Thorsten Kaisen von NetApp über die Neuerungen im ONTAP 9.8 von NetApp. Was gibt es neues beim Fabricpool? SnapMirror zu S3, die neue AFF A250 und die FAS 500f DISCLAIMER: Dieser Beitrag stellt unsere persönlichen Beobachtungen dar. Wir sprechen nicht im Namen unserer jeweiligen Arbeitgeber.


DISCLAIMER: This post is our personal observations. We do not speak on behalf of our respective employers. Subject to misinterpretation or misunderstanding.

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