NetApp presents new entry-level AFF C190.

By | 6. June 2019

NetApp today unveiled its new All Flash FAS C190 short AFF C190. The target group is customers who want to modernize their IT infrastructure with All Flash technology at an affordable price.

AFF C190

NetApp states that the system will have the same price per GB as traditional systems with 10K SAS HDDs. However, with the advantage of an All Flash Array in terms of speed.

The system settles in the performance category below the already known and proven AFF A220.

Full Data Fabric Integration

In terms of functionality, the customer does not have to make any difference to the conventional systems. The AFF C190 is based on the chassis of the AFF A220 and, like the other FAS/AFF machines, has the ONTAP operating system. The AFF C190 comes with the new ONTAP 9.6 and Flash bundle licensing.

This means that the following functions are on board:

  • CIFS
  • NFS
  • FCP
  • SnapMirror
  • SnapVault
  • SnapRestore
  • SnapManager Suite and SnapCenter
  • FlexVol
  • Deduplication
  • Compression
  • Compaction
  • Thin Provisioning
  • Storage QoS
  • Snapshots
  • FabricPool (if. Exa surcharge)

Thanks to the extensive licensing, integration into the NetApp Data Fabric is very easy.

AFF C190 Variants

The AFF C190 is offered exclusively as a so-called express pack. I.e. There are prefabricated packages that are not configurable.

The customer can choose between two connection options. On the one hand, a variant with UTA 2 ports where SFP+ modules can be inserted, and on the other hand, a variant with 10G BASE-T ports for connection via conventional RJ-45 Ethernet cables.

While NetApp indicates that there are four express pack variants, the port options actually make them eight.

The AFF C190 is offered exclusively with 960 GB SSDs. There are four stages of expansion to choose from.

  • 8 x 960GB (~ 13 TB)
  • 12 x 960 GB (~ 24 TB)
  • 18 x 960 GB (~ 40 TB)
  • 24x 960 GB (~ 55 TB)

In terms of capacities, NetApp expects an efficiency of 3:1 and will also guarantee it through its efficiency guarantee program.


According to NetApp, the AFF C190 is suitable for the following workloads:

  • Databases: SQLServer 2014, Oracle, mongo DB
  • Virtualization/VDI: VMWare, Microsoft, KVM, Citrix
  • File Systems: Engineering and Design Workloads


Since the AFF C190 is an entry-level model, the ability to build a MetroCluster via IP in the C190 is NOT given.

You will be limited to 24x 960GB disks, there is no option for shelf expansion either. Other SSD sizes are also not supported.

Cluster capability

If you still want to expand the AFF C190 or expand your existing AFF/FAS infrastructure, you can include the system in an ONTAP cluster and thus, for example, operate a 4-node C190 cluster or bring your FAS 2750 into a cluster with the C190.

When it comes to questions, simply use the comment function in this blog.

Best regards

Der Schmitz

DISCLAIMER: This post represents my personal observations and is not officially by NetApp or other authorized. Subject to misinterpretation or misunderstanding.

4 thoughts on “NetApp presents new entry-level AFF C190.

  1. savita

    hi DerSchmitz ,

    can you give more details on the workload which you shared here why is it only SQL 2014 ? and can you point me to the reference link for more details from where you got this ?

    1. DerSchmitz Post author

      HI Savita, this information can be found on the technical SE presentations from NetApp in the NetApp Fieldportal. Fieldportal is accessable for Partners and NetApp Employees.

      1. Anonymous

        Yep i had a look at the SE presentation , but no where i could find the workload related details

  2. Anonymous

    C190 is FAS2750 under the hood. While booting it says SYS_MODEL FAS2750 and the Computing resources are exactly same as FAS2750. Basically, by having only SSDs storage type, it is now presented as AFF Class, very smart move . It’s great product at a very good price.


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