How to install a NetApp ONTAP Select 9.6

By | 21. May 2019

Hello together,
today I want to show you how to roll out ONTAP Select in version 9.6 RC1 with the help of NetApps ONTAP DeployVM.

In this video, I used an existing VMware environment based on NetApp HCI.

Enjoy watching:

DISCLAIMER: This post represents my personal observations and is not officially by NetApp or other authorized. Subject to misinterpretation or misunderstanding.

3 thoughts on “How to install a NetApp ONTAP Select 9.6

  1. Sarweswar Reddy Sella

    While creating the aggregate, when you are adding the storage disks to the aggregate on what basis you selected the disks. I have observed that there were in total of 4 disks. For first aggregate, you selected one disk belongs to Select-1 in pool 1 and for other aggregate you selected another disk belongs to node 2 in pool 1. There were 2 more disks which belongs to each node in another pool (pool 0).

    So under Mirror this Aggregate, there is a message “Ensure that the equal number of compatible disks are in the other pool”. Does that mean that the on Select-1, DISK 1 is mirrored with DISK 2? and on Select-2, DISK1 is mirrored to DISK2? and both DiSK 1 on Select-1 and DISK 1 on Select-2 are in synchronous replication?

    Please make me understand sir.

  2. Matthijs

    Hi there,
    I was wondering and couldnt find anything on netapp sites if within the creation of aggregates there alwas must be 1 spare disk.
    If i create a cluster with 2TB in a 2 node cluster, ontap select creates 2 1 TB disks per node.
    I can only create 1 mirrored aggregate so the other 2 disks aren’t usable also for a next aggregate.
    This also happens with a 10TB cluster i can’t use the second 5TB on the node.

    Can this be disabled or something like this because in my situation it is on VMFS which is on a disk which is already on an array. so a spare in the ontap select cluster is a bit overdone.


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