NetApp Insight 2018 News: VEEAM integrates NetApp HCI & Solidfire Snapshots

By | 24. October 2018

On October 23. VEEAM announced that VEEAM backup & Replication 9.5 Update 4 will implement seamless integration with Netapps HCI and Solidfire systems snapshot capabilities. This implementation will enable you to create virtually performance-neutral backups of your virtual machines.

As with the implementation in ONTAP systems, VEEAM triggers a snapshot on the VM and on the storage array. This ensures consistent backup of your VMS.

Single Item Restore:

With this consistent backup, you can perform a single item restore from the generated storage snapshots directly from VEEAM for the following applications:

  • Individual Windows or Linux files from guest VMS
  • Exchange items (mails, calendars, contacts, tasks, etc.)
  • Microsoft SQL databases
  • Oracle databases
  • Microsoft Active Diretory Items
  • Microsoft SharePoint Items

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Instant VM Recovery:

If you are working with VEEAM for a while, you will probably know the function of instant VM recovery. With VEEAM 9.5 U4 It will also be possible to restore individual VMS directly from NetApp HCI storage snapshots. This process is incredibly fast and does not burden your HCI system. Instant VM Recovery Simply presents a storage snapshot on your hypervisor and restores the VM from it. From my experience, this process takes between 3 and 5 minutes. So a damn good “RTO” (recovery time objective [how quickly do the data have to be available again?])!

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Reduce RPO:

Another advantage of storage snapshot integration in NetApps HCI is the reduction of your RPO (recovery point Objectives [how much data loss can I be able to recover?]).

For example, I can have VEEAM create hourly storage snapshots during the day and make consistent snapshot backups in the evening. Ergo: I don’t have to lose 24 hours of data loss. Because I no longer only perform a backup once in the evening, but every hour. So I’m reducing my RPO from 24 to 1!


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