What are dev-ops and what do you feed them with?

By | 19. October 2018

Warning: Never feed a dev-op after midnight!
We almost all remember what happened to the little cuddly animals that were fed after midnight.
They transformed to Gremlins! The little monsters that have done great havoc and damage.

What are dev-ops?

In almost every event and every presentation in the IT environment we will torpedoed with the term “dev-ops”. Currently you will be confronted with the NetApp Insight and the HPE discover. Everybody talks about “dev-ops”, nobody explains it, because everyone knows! We use “dev-ops” as a term as a matter of course as we say “chicken”. So if you know what “chicken” is, you also know “dev-ops”! The IT industry introduces “Dev-ops” as follows:

  • Developers who want to try something fast…
  • … not getting any resources from your internal IT department…
  • … therefore get your own resources outside of the company IT department.

It says, “If my IT department doesn’t provide a server for testing, I’ll just book my own server in the cloud.” The “it-industry-typical-dev-op” has its own server on Amazon, Azure, Google etc. Testing and developing there. Because it’s fast and easy!

And now you have a problem in your IT. Your developers are suddenly testing, perhaps secret company-internal things, in a public cloud infrastructure.
Of course you have to act against it.
And almost all manufacturers in the IT industry have a solution for dev-ops ready for you. This starts with private cloud, via hybrid cloud to public cloud solutions.
The keyword is here: Provide cloud-like infrastructures in your own company. (e.g. with HCI)

Puhh Congratulations! Finally the developers caught up with their funny requirements again.
Everything back under control of your own company.

Build private cloud, get everything back into business somehow, all happy.

Great story, thanks. Applause!

At this point a big thank you to all IT managers who work in the medium-sized company and do not have developers in their own house.

Thank you for reading up here. Because Dev-ops does not play a role for you!?
When you read or hear dev-ops somewhere, you wave off and say, “We don’t have that anyway. Is too big for us “and every day you run around with employees, see how they move their files into Dropbox, Google Drive etc. for getting things done at home in the evening.

The “Little Mouse” from the reception that moves the meal plan for the next week to her Dropbox is your first Dev-Op!

Because Dev-ops doesn’t mean that “developing operators” are using server power in the cloud.
Dev-ops means: People use things that are most convenient for them to achieve their goals.

In this sense, almost every employee who uses cloud services to solve business tasks is a potential dev-op. Not only the guys doing crazy shi* on total crazy cloud based infrastructures!

Dev-ops is a topic that affects every one of you. From small and medium-sized companies to global corporations.
There’s always dev-ops hiding somewhere, like the cuddly gizmo who transforms into a gremlin.

Greetings from

Der Schmitz

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