Now he’s also advertising on his blog!!!

By | 6. October 2018

Dear visitors to this blog, thank you so much for coming over here (or bumping into me through search engines).

I have been running this blog for almost ten years and am looking forward to the steadily growing number of visitors every day.

Those of you who have visited my blog for a long time will have heard that this blog has many hosts behind it.
First Google’s blogspot, then and for quite some time my own root server at 1&1 based on WordPress. For the root server at 1&1 of course I pay a certain amount to 1&1.

I run this blog in my spare time and it has also somehow become my hobby to write about topics that I have experienced in the professional environment.
This leads me to think about things that have happened and to research them very closely about things to do.

Every blog post is a reworking as well as a review of any projects I have implemented or planned.

Since I run this blog there has never been advertising on this blog! Why am I now switching ads?

Simple Answer: “I just try this out.”

Perhaps the monthly expenses for hosting the blog through your visits and the ads that are connected with it, or even Not.

I tried to place the ads as inconspicuously as possible in the right sidebar and at the beginning of my blog Posts.
If the advertising revenue does not cover the costs for the blog in the next 3 months, I will turn off the advertising completely and not bother you further.


Der Schmitz

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