Short article: NetApp HCI deduplication ratio

By | 10. January 2018

Hi at all,

this time a very short blog post on the topic NetApp HCI using vVols. In my last post I had already reported in detail about the installation of the NetApp HCI system. Among other things, I played with vVols back then. Today I have brought some real VMs to the system and had some incredible deduplication ratios. I have created a total of ten virtual machines. Five Windows Server 2016 and five Windows Server 2012. For such a small amount of VMS, the Deduprate is really remarkable. The NetApp sizing Tool “Synergy” is calculating with a Deduprate of 5:1 for VMs on VVols. I have now landed at 8,54:1. I’m curious how this is going to develop.



Disclaimer: This post represents my personal observations and is not officially authorized by NetApp or others. misinterpretations or misunderstandings reserved.

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