Podcast Episode4: NetApp Cloud Volumes ONTAP. What is that?

By | 22. September 2020

In Episode 4, Data_Stefan and Der_Schmitz talk to Axel Frentzen of NetApp about NetApp’s Cloud Volumes ONTAP (CVO). What is CVO, what are the use cases, and what is the difference to Cloud Volume Services or Azure NetApp Files?

Have fun listening. This time all with super voice quality 😉

Episode4: NetApp Cloud Volumes ONTAP. Was ist das eigentlich? by Data_Stefan & Der_Schmitz

In Episode 4 sprechen Data_Stefan und Der_Schmitz mit Axel Frentzen von NetApp über Cloud Volumes ONTAP (CVO) von NetApp. Was ist CVO, welche Anwendungszwecke gibt es und was ist der Unterschied zu Cloud Volume Services oder Azure NetApp Files? DISCLAIMER: Dieser Beitrag stellt unsere persönlichen Beobachtungen dar.

Der Schmitz

DISCLAIMER: This post is our personal observations. We do not speak on behalf of our respective employers. Subject to misinterpretation or misunderstanding.

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