Cleaning up the vcenter Server 5.5 database without SQL Management Studio

By | 22. May 2015

In some cases, the database of a vcenter server may be running. Most of the time, this is the Express edition of SQL Server 2008, which is limited to a database size of 10GB. Often, the reason for running the database is a value that is not set or too high for keeping the logs in the Vcenter server settings. In these cases, VMware refers to shrinking the database using SQL Management Studio, or Execute a stored procedure that deletes the event tasks from the database. However, there is also the possibility of this stored procedure without SQL Management Studio or Execute SQL know-how. To do this, simply open a Microsoft Eingabebeaufforderung on the vcenter server (run as Administrator) and enter the following commands:

sqlcmd-S LocalhostVIM_SQLEXP
Changed database context to ´ VIM_VCDB ´.
EXEC Cleanup_events_tasks_proc

Depending on the size of the database or Number of events, this process can take a few minutes to hours. The process is complete when the cursor in the Eingabebeaufforderung flashes again  

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