Helping Ashton Kutcher fighting against Malaria

By | 16. April 2009

Liebe Leser, dieser Beitrag wird auf englisch geschrieben, da das Zielpublikum International ist.

Dear readers, this article will be written in english due to an international audience.

The Hollywood actor Ashton Kutcher tries to get more Twitter followers than CNN Breaking News. Kutcher said, that he is going to donate 100.000$ to „Malaria no More“ if his Twitter account gets over 1.000.000 Followers before CNN Breaking News has reach that amount of followers.

Also Kutcher will demonstrate that one person, can have more „informational power“ than a huge company like CNN.

To my mind this is a very laudable method, to collect donations.

Ashton I´ll follow you on Twitter!

Helpers please follow:

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